Schlumpf Museum

Schlumpf Museum located at Mulhouse (east of France) is one of the biggest car museum in the world with about 400 cars displayed on a 25 000 m2 site. You can have a look at the history of automobile from 1878 to the present day and the place is well known for its unique collection of luxurious cars, especially Bugatti. That's not easy to present so many cars in photos and eventually I found it was a good way to try the camcorder I'll use on next events. So you get a walk inside the museum but some rooms being very dark (and my camcorder being crap in this situation), you won't see them all, especially the one where are displayed the jewels of the collection. In the same town, I recommand the visit of the Railway museum, very impresssive even if you're not a fan of trains. Official Schlumpf museum website HERE.

The motor racing section with very interesting cars but unfortunately the way they are displayed you can't have a close look at them. Here you can see a part of the F1 cars.

The older cars are in the first room.

Were are again in the racing room, with the last front engined cars.

The Sport Protos cars, from the Dauer Porsche winner at Le mans in 1994.