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Inboard camera BENETTON B186 driven by Les Wright, chasing a Ferrari 156/85







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In the engine section we saw that the BMW Turbo, in qualifications, had the edge in the unlimited boost turbo era. It was said to have reached about 1300 bhp in 1986 at Monza, on a Benetton car with Berger, fitted with a special turbo (and just before exploding without ending the lap). With the 1986 Monza datas, we'll try to show this huge power in qualifications with maxi speeds on finish line and at the end of the straight.

Datas of the maxi speed on the finish line : note that these figures are the ones for the best laps. For example, Fabi, who did the pole, with a maxi speed of 335,33 km/h, reached a faster speed of 340,71 km/h on a slower lap. It's interesting to see that Prost and its TAG engine, whitout extra boost for qualifications, was second, in time, showing that power was not everything.

If Fabi set the pole with a max speed on the finish line faster of 12 km/h than the other top teams, Berger set a maxi speed of 345,03 Km/h. Unfortunately he couldn't end this lap, the turbo exploding, in comparison the speed that gave him the 4th time on the grid was "only" 322 km/h.

With the 14 best Maxi speeds set during the qualifications (2nd session) at finish line and on the straight, we can see the superiority of the BMW power, the 5 faster cars on the straight are BMW powered with Benetton, Brabham and Arrows cars.

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