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1987 season was dominated by Williams Honda which won 9 races over 16. Ferrari had new car, engine and designers. G.Brunner designed the car but J.Barnard, leaving McLaren, was now the technical director of the scuderia, J.J His being in charge of the engines. If Ferrari began the season with little pace, continuous improvements in car and engine will end with victories in the last 2 Grand prix. Here, we'll compare best lap times, maximum speeds, in the first and last Grand prix, showing the progress of the Ferrari.

The datas of the first Grand prix, Brasil, shows the huge gap between the best Ferrari in qualifications with the best time (Mansell, Williams Honda), more than 4 seconds. The lack of power of the engine is underlined by its poor acceleration, Berger being slower of more than 17 Km/h on the finish line. The max speed at back straight, depending too on the aerodynamic configuration, is about 10 Km/h slower.

The datas of the last Grand prix, Japan, show the big improvement of the Ferrari, being faster in qualifications with Berger, and no more lacking of power. It's interesting to see that the 4 top teams ended the season with about the same power in qualifications : Honda will reveal later that its engine had about 1010 bhp, Ford talking about 1000 bhp for this last race and TAG being, as it seems, in the same numbers.

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